+ Construction Management

Add construction management to your project to facilitate communication and efficiency. Let us show you how we can: save more money than the cost of our services; decrease the amount of time to plan and build the project; reduce mistakes; and improve quality. We provide services that save time, improve quality and reduce mistakes. 

We will ensure that the professionals involved with your project are informed and appropriate. We want team players with complementary skill sets and we want to empower them to produce their best work to meet the vision and goals of your project.

+ Overview of Services

  • Project Planning Provide analysis and input during planning and development phases. Work with Architect or Designer and Builder to establish goals and project structure.
  • Cost Analysis - Prepare a realistic budget or review existing construction estimate. Provide cost-saving ideas and initiate best-value strategies.
  • Contract Review - Review contracts and project documents in the Owner's best interest but through the eyes of a builder with a spirit of fairness and intent to avoid problems.
  • Quality Control - Ensure accurate scopes of work are available for all stakeholders that clearly specify expected performance and quality standards and monitor the project for compliance.
  • Document Management - Facilitate a structure and procedures that provide secure storage and sharing of project documentation and information.
  • Professional Support - Provide support and resources to ensure successful performance and completion of the project in the best interest of all parties involved.
+ Construction Management is gaining popularity

With the increasing incidence of design-build contractual relationships, construction management has been gaining popularity. In some types of construction design-build has overtaken design-bid-build as the preferred method.

The role of a construction management company is to provide planning expertise and professionally manage the Owner's project while protecting them from risk and unforeseen problems. The Construction Manager provides support to the Owner to capture opportunities for efficiency, quality and cost savings, while ensuring delivery of the project on time and within budget. A qualified Construction Manager who is an independent Owner’s Representative will help them determine how best to accomplish the project goals.

Construction management is a professional system designed to facilitate planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. Typical construction projects have many stakeholders, with each team member focused on their particular contractual role. A qualified Construction Manager holds the process together, filling in managerial expertise where required, controlling budgets, initiating cost savings ideas, managing information, and ensuring communication.

Our goal is to provide management expertise to benefit the Owner, by supporting the Builder and design professionals in a manner that everyone performs successfully and is pleased with the results.

+ Construction Management Services

The services we provide are varied and should be selected based on the unique requirements of each different construction project.

  • Assist Architect/Designer and/or Builder in development of design and specifications.
  • Provide green certification preliminary review and best-value strategies.
  • Perform energy efficiency analysis and make recommendations.
  • Develop scopes of work to specifically define each trade-specific requirement.
  • Add green certification requirements to the construction specifications and scopes of work.
  • Analyze cost estimate provided by Builder and make cost-saving suggestions.
  • Create a detailed line-by-line cost estimate for the project.
  • Provide estimating and material quantity calculation services.
  • Coordinate and implement specifications from consultant designers and engineers.
  • Review construction working drawings for accuracy and content.
  • Assist Builder in preparation of permit application package and permitting if required.
  • Coordinate necessary permit inspections and maintain records as required.
  • Manage the construction cost estimate and keep Owner updated as to budget changes.
  • Manage cost codes such that every payment for work or services can be clearly identified.
  • Develop a scope of work for each Trade Contractor or Material Supplier.
  • Facilitate to obtain detailed and concise Trade Contractor proposals.
  • Review trade proposals with Owner and make recommendations.
  • Provide a detailed construction schedule and maintain progress with weekly updates.
  • Review and organize construction specifications and decisions with Owner.
  • Supplement specifications with requirements for green certification if required.
  • Keep proper documentation to facilitate accurate installation of all materials and products.
  • Perform on-site inspections upon request of Owner if needed.
  • Review and verify correctness of the work of Trade Contractors.
  • Review Trade Contractor payment requests for sufficiency and compliance to requirements. 
  • Facilitate and manage loan payment draws from Owner’s lender if necessary.
  • Disburse payments due to Trade Contractors (or assist Owners in making payments directly).
  • Identify and receive Releases of Lien from Notice to Owner servers.
  • Maintain a list of Notices and Releases obtained (and update Owner regularly).
  • Prepare and manage thorough and timely completion punch lists for Trade Contractors.
  • Obtain and organize all documentation such as warranties, operation and maintenance manuals.
Construction Management easily integrates with the other services that we provide. We can provide detailed specifications for your project and even add green elements or certification if necessary. Additionally, we may be able to provide help in document management, sharing and access via the cloud or your own network. 

Let us know how we can help you manage your project or business. Perhaps we can fill in some gaps, streamline your systems and improve the process.  Keith Groninger