+ Cooperative Technology

The tools for managing projects and information are evolving quickly with the advent of the "cloud". The cloud enables sharing and and access to information from any location. Add new systems and procedures to your project or business that streamline communication and document management.

Not long ago it may not have been a compliment to say that someone had their head in the clouds, but now that's no longer true. “Cloud computing” uses remote servers for data storage and hosting applications. No matter the size of the business, cloud computing offers efficiency, cost savings and peace of mind.

+Document Management

Document control is a major part of managing a project and a business. Good document management procedures should allow access, searching, collaborating and sharing within an organization and with outside parties as well. Start with a file hierarchy or coding system that facilitates storing documents in locations where they can later be found. A well-planned coding system integrates estimating, cost control, specifications, scheduling and even construction drawings. 

+Virtual Binder or File Cabinet

"Back in the day" we used to save all of our paper documents for a project in 3-ring binders. We organized it with tabs using a coding system that made things easy to find. We maintained a binder in the office, one for the project superintendent and another for the customer that we kept updated whenever we met. It was a good system, but had limitations. Today we can create a virtual binder or file cabinet and keep project or office documents within our network or out on the cloud.

+Work from Anywhere

Current technology allows the ability to work from any location and even any computer depending on the setup. Some days I get more work done from home before 8AM than I accomplish the entire rest of the day. I work a lot of hours but also have a lot of flexibility with where and when I work. I can even be productive at a borrowed computer or with my smart phone. We can help you create a project document management system that allow you and your team to work more efficiently and be more productive.

+Document Access and Security

Industry experts argue that storing documents and information on "the cloud" is more secure than keeping everything on a computer at your office. Studies have shown that most companies don't have good procedures for file backup and that most piracy occurs from inside the office and not online. Some available apps offer excellent strategies for allowing or restricting access to data stored on the cloud. Every project or company has different needs and concerns that can be addressed in a system we help you create.

"There's an App for That"

The number of apps and software packages available for managing a construction project or business is staggering. Many of the apps are even free, although that doesn't necessarily mean they are good investments  Multitudes of software providers servicing the construction industry have come and gone over the years with none ever establishing any substantial market share. Perhaps builders are all so independent in their thinking and preferences that a "magic bullet" just can't be found. Let us show you how you can take advantage of available technology to manage your projects.

+Structure and Process Management

Have you ever attended a seminar or educational class and come home with so many new ideas that you didn't even know where to start implementing any of them? Good organizational structure can provide a place to put your ideas and the process to implement them. Every home built is the same (except for the plans, specs and customer). We perform the same work, in the same order; we make the same decisions; we order the same materials and services and we work with the same types of supporting businesses. We can help you create structure and implement processes that will allow you to learn from every project and apply what you learn to improve the next one.

+What's Next

Imagine the loyalty you could create with vendors if funds were automatically deposited into their bank accounts upon verification of completed work. Suppose you could click on a 3-D drawing and find the cost, specifications and time frame for a component. It's hard to believe but these advances are right around the corner. We may not need all of the bells and whistles to manage our businesses but be assured many top organizations will be utilizing the best tech available. We can help you develop a plan that meets your current needs and allow you to adapt to the future.

+Service Offerings

Practical suggestions and ideas for managing your projects and business:
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure
  • Process and Procedure Implementation
  • Collaborative and Cloud-based Document Management
  • Estimating, Scheduling and Document Templates and Checklists
  • Employee Job Descriptions
  • Electronic Document and Data Security & Backup
  • Project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Detailed Construction Specifications with Integrated Coding System
  • Scopes of Work Descriptions for Trade Contractors including Green Requirements
Keep in mind that before any software or cloud-based application can help you manage your projects or business, you have to start with a clearly-defined structure and a basic set of policies and procedures. We'd like the opportunity to show you how we can support your team and add the expertise to supplement your existing systems and skills.  Keith Groninger

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