Monday, December 31, 2012

Construction Management

Consider Construction Management as an alternative to the traditional contractual relationship between owner and builder. The CM relationship promotes trust and productive communication.
  • Fee-Based: A fee for services is negotiated at the beginning of the project and disbursed as construction progresses.
  • Flexible Services: Services are provided to manage construction of a project as directed by the owner. The owner can choose the range of services provided to suit their needs.
  • Open-Book Transparency: All proposals, invoices, payments, account statements and project reports are accessible and shared openly.
  • Information and Resources: The construction manager (or builder) is responsible for educating the owner and making recommendations in the best interest of the project.
The key to success of a construction management relationship is the negotiated fee for services provided. When the mystery surrounding the builder's fee is removed from the picture, the builder can shift focus towards providing services in the best interest of the owner. Information flow is enhanced when everything is shared freely without hidden business agendas.

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